Ryan Whitney Wife: Know All About Bryanah Whitney 

In a beautiful celebration of love, Ryanah Bascon, now Bryanah Whitney, and Whitney joined in matrimony in a charming ceremony on the green bridge of the Neponset Riverwalk in 2017, surrounded by their cherished loved ones. Their wedding was not just a union of hearts but also a surprise for their immediate family and friends. Bryanah, aspiring for a modest and intimate affair, orchestrated the surprise wedding with the assistance of her photographer friend, Jessica McHale. Since that special day, the couple has remained happily married, embarking on the journey of life together with the enduring support of their close-knit circle.

Ryan Whitney’s Wife – Who Is Bryanah Whitney?

Ryan Whitney’s Wife – Who Is Bryanah Whitney?

Embark on a captivating journey to unravel the layers of Bryanah Bascon’s dynamic personality. As a gifted and driven entrepreneur, she has made a lasting impact in the dynamic realms of marketing and consulting. Hailing from the charming state of Massachusetts, Bryanah was born in 1990 and found her educational path leading her to the vibrant city of Boston in New England. Here, she meticulously refined her skills and kindled her passion for the exciting world of marketing.

Bryanah’s life is a canvas painted with the vibrant hues of her extensive and animated family. In the midst of this lively environment, her heart brims with love and adoration for her cherished relatives. At the core of this affection is her mother, who transcends the conventional role of a parent, becoming Bryanah’s trusted confidante and best friend. Their bond is a tapestry woven with shared laughter and a unique camaraderie, adding a special essence to Bryanah’s journey.

Dive into the intricate details of Bryanah Bascon’s life, exploring her experiences and aspirations. Witness how she navigates the intricate balance between her flourishing professional pursuits and the warmth of her personal connections. Bryanah’s story is one of determination, passion, and the pursuit of meaningful connections, making her journey a captivating narrative to explore.

What Makes Bryanah Whitney Well-Known?

What Makes Bryanah Whitney Well-Known?

Bryanah Bascon, a passionate yoga enthusiast and a graduate with a degree in communications and media studies. With a diverse professional background, Bryanah has served as a project supervisor, marketing, and merchandising coordinator for prominent businesses, including Reebok and Jack Morton. Adding a culinary flair to her repertoire, she generously shares recipes for clean and nourishing meals on her website, “The Little Big Spoon.”

After five years dedicated to teaching yoga, Bryanah ventured into entrepreneurship by founding Bree Bascon Consulting. Her consultancy specializes in assisting companies with crafting effective marketing strategies and executing national product promotions. Despite her extensive professional engagements, Bryanah maintains a low profile on social media, emphasizing her dedication to her work.

Describing herself as a problem solver, strategic thinker, marketing enthusiast, and trained yogi, Bryanah embodies a multifaceted and dynamic approach to life. Her journey is marked by a commitment to both physical and professional well-being, making her a standout figure in the fields of marketing and holistic living.

Quick Bio Of Bryanah Whitney

Value Attribute 
NameBryanah Whitney
Date of Birth1990
Age34 Years
Place of BirthMassachusetts, US
Husbend ryan whitney
ChildrenTwo sons, Ryder and Wyatt
Social MediaInstagram

Bryanah Whitney’s Family Background

Family holds a special place in Bryanah’s heart, and she treasures the bonds within her big and close-knit family. Her mother is not just a parent but also her confidante and best friend, sharing moments of joy that Bryanah often captures and fondly shares through pictures.

Beyond her mother, Bryanah has a brother and a sister, both happily married with children. The presence of nieces and nephews adds an extra layer of joy to her life, and she cherishes every moment spent with them. Family gatherings are filled with love and laughter, creating memories that Bryanah holds dear.

The family circle extends to include a beloved grandmother, affectionately known as Nana, and a grandfather, lovingly addressed as Papa. Bryanah takes pride in her family’s heritage, actively participating in honoring traditions and celebrating their rich culture. These connections form the backbone of Bryanah’s life, grounding her in a sense of belonging and shared history.

Bryanah Whitney’s Education

Bryanah Whitney’s Education

Bryanah Whitney, an accomplished and driven entrepreneur who has made her mark in the dynamic fields of marketing and consulting. Beyond her professional pursuits, Bryanah is also a dedicated yoga instructor and manages a blog centered around a gluten and grain-free lifestyle.

Married to Ryan Whitney in 2017, the couple shares a fulfilling life in Massachusetts with their two adorable sons, Ryder and Wyatt. Bryanah and Ryan prioritize quality time with their loved ones, cherishing moments that add warmth and joy to their family life. The Whitneys’ journey is a beautiful blend of professional success, shared passions, and the simple joys of family togetherness.

The Transformation of a Yoga Enthusiast Into An Entrepreneur

After dedicating five years to her role as a Yoga Instructor, Bryanah embarked on a new venture by founding Bree Bascon Consulting. This innovative firm specializes in crafting nationwide marketing strategies and promoting products effectively. Bryanah, a self-described problem solver and strategic thinker, has become a valuable resource for businesses aiming to thrive in the competitive market.

Drawing from her extensive experience, Bryanah has previously held key roles as a Marketing and Merchandising Coordinator and project coordinator at reputable companies like Reebok and Jack Morton. Her profound understanding of the industry positions her as an invaluable asset to businesses seeking success.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Bryanah shares a glimpse of her personal life, recently pondering the choice between baking a chocolate cake or a strawberry shortcake for Mother’s Day. This candid moment showcases the multi-faceted nature of Bryanah’s life, where she seamlessly balances career achievements with the joyous moments of family celebration.

Autoimmune Journey: From Struggle To Inspiration

Amidst her numerous professional achievements, Bryanah remains grounded and opts for a more private approach to social media. Rather than maintaining a personal Instagram account, she channels her energy into her work and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

While she refrains from a personal Instagram presence, Bryanah dedicates an account to a gluten and grain-free lifestyle. Here, she generously shares delightful and nutritious recipes, offering a glimpse into her passion for promoting a healthy dietary approach.

Adding to the richness of this online space is Bryanah’s openness about her personal journey with an autoimmune disease. In this sacred digital haven, she not only shares valuable content but also takes a moment to shed light on her own struggles, fostering a sense of connection and understanding within her virtual community.

Ryan Whitney And Bryanah Whitney’s Marriage

Ryan Whitney and Bryanah Whitney’s Marriage

In 2016, a pivotal chapter unfolded in the love story of Ryan and Bryanah as they joyfully embarked on the journey of engagement, a momentous milestone solidifying their commitment to one another. This promising step paved the way for a beautiful union, celebrated in a captivating ceremony on the lush bridge of the Neponset Riverwalk in June 2017.

United in matrimony, Ryan and Bryanah have continued to traverse the path of wedded bliss, savoring shared experiences and creating a tapestry of cherished memories as they navigate life together. The bond forged on that memorable day remains the cornerstone of their enduring happiness and serves as the foundation for the many chapters yet to unfold in their intertwined lives.

Ryan Whitney And Bryanah Whitney’s Kids

Ryan Whitney and Bryanah Whitney’s Kids

In the heartwarming embrace of Massachusetts, Ryan and Bryanah, having exchanged vows in a touching ceremony in 2017, are now blessed with the delightful presence of two charming sons named Ryder and Wyatt. Their home is a haven filled with love and joy, where moments of togetherness with loved ones are cherished beyond the commitments of daily life. As they navigate the beautiful journey of parenthood, Massachusetts transforms from a mere residence into a warm haven where the laughter of their sons resonates, and the bonds of family deepen.

Know About Ryan Whitney

Know About Ryan Whitney

Ryan Whitney, born on February 19, 1983, is a former professional ice hockey defenseman hailing from the United States. Beyond his on-ice career, he has transitioned into the role of an analyst on the NHL Network and co-hosts the popular Barstool Sports hockey podcast, Spittin’ Chiclets, alongside former NHL enforcer Paul Bissonnette. In a unique collaboration in 2019, Whitney partnered with New Amsterdam Vodka to create Pink Whitney, a pink lemonade flavored vodka.

Whitney’s international contributions include representing the United States in competitions, where he secured a silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics. His journey began at Boston University, where, after completing his freshman year, he was selected fifth overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft. Following a stint with the Penguins’ minor league affiliate, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, Whitney entered the NHL during the 2005–06 season.

Remaining in Pittsburgh for three-and-a-half seasons, Whitney played a key role in the club’s journey to the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals. A trade in 2010 led him to the Edmonton Oilers after a brief stint with the Anaheim Ducks. On September 20, 2015, Whitney officially announced his retirement from professional hockey, marking the conclusion of a noteworthy career.

Ryan Whitney’s Speculated Romantic Entanglements

Ryan Whitney's Speculated Romantic Entanglements

Ryan Whitney has maintained a level of privacy surrounding his personal relationships, and details about his previous romantic involvements are not widely known. Although there have been speculations and rumors, such as a potential connection with actress Ryan Whitney Newman in 2014, no official confirmation of a relationship has been disclosed. Similarly, there were reports linking him to model and actress Elisha Cuthbert in 2008, but both parties denied these claims. It’s crucial to acknowledge that there is no substantial evidence supporting these

Quick Facts

  • Bryanah Whitney, born in Massachusetts in 1990, is a successful entrepreneur in marketing and consulting.
  • Despite professional achievements, Bryanah highly values her family, especially her close-knit relationship with her mom, whom she considers her best friend.
  • Bryanah is a yoga enthusiast and has professional experience as a project supervisor and marketing coordinator for companies like Reebok and Jack Morton.
  • She founded Bree Bascon Consulting, specializing in marketing strategies and national product promotion.
  • As a mother of two, Bryanah refrains from personal social media but shares gluten and grain-free recipes on a dedicated profile.
  • Bryanah’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle is evident through her blog focused on a gluten and grain-free lifestyle.
  • The couple, Ryan and Bryanah, got engaged in 2016 and celebrated their surprise wedding in June 2017 on the Neponset Riverwalk.

People Also Ask 

Q. Who is Bryanah Whitney?

Bryanah Whitney stands out as a talented and driven entrepreneur, recognized for her achievements in marketing and consulting. Hailing from Massachusetts, she has carved a distinct identity in the industry since her birth year in 1990.

Q. What is Bree Bascon Consulting?

Bree Bascon Consulting represents Bryanah Whitney’s brainchild, specializing in crafting effective marketing strategies and facilitating national product promotion. The firm plays a pivotal role in assisting businesses in developing impactful marketing campaigns.

Q. What is Bryanah’s educational background?

Bryanah shaped her knowledge base through studies in communications and media studies in Boston, New England, fostering her skills and passion in her chosen field.

Q. Is Bryanah active on social media?

While Bryanah maintains a personal distance from mainstream social media platforms, she engages with a dedicated profile focusing on a gluten and grain-free lifestyle. Through this, she shares not just recipes but valuable insights as well.

Q. What is Bryanah’s approach to a healthy lifestyle?

Embracing a holistic approach to health, Bryanah champions a gluten and grain-free lifestyle through her dedicated blog. Her commitment extends beyond words to action, emphasizing clean and nourishing meals and incorporating yoga into her routine.

Q. How did Bryanah and Ryan Whitney celebrate their wedding?

The love story of Bryanah and Ryan Whitney culminated in a surprise wedding ceremony on the Neponset Riverwalk in June 2017, following their engagement in 2016.


In wrapping up, Bryanah Whitney’s remarkable journey, starting from Massachusetts and flourishing into a thriving entrepreneur, mirrors her unwavering dedication to both her career and a health-conscious lifestyle. Beyond her influential role in marketing and consulting, Bryanah’s impact resonates across various aspects of her life. The fusion of family values, professional achievements, and a commitment to well-being weaves a narrative of success and contentment. Through the platform of Bree Bascon Consulting, Bryanah continues to shape the industry, leaving an enduring impression on those captivated by her inspiring path.

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