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Jonathan Conricus, a dedicated defender of Israel and its people, has played a crucial role in safeguarding his country from the attacks of Hamas militants, particularly since the events of October 7th, 2023. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel, Conricus, who is approximately 45 years old, has served as the former spokesperson of the Israel Defence Forces. His commitment to protecting his nation stems from his deep-rooted connection to Israel, where he completed his college education at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Who Is Jonathan Conricus?

Jonathan Conricus is a remarkable individual with a diverse background encompassing military, communication, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Having served as a Lieutenant Colonel, he has made significant contributions as the International Spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces, skillfully communicating vital information to audiences worldwide. Furthermore, Jonathan’s entrepreneurial pursuits, such as owning Conricus Communications, highlight his innovative mindset and business expertise.

Jonathan Conricus’ Wife

Many people wonder about Jonathan Conricus’s marital status. The former International Spokesperson of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Jonathan Conricus, is indeed married. He exchanged vows with his girlfriend-turned-wife, Revital Cohen Conricus, in the presence of their loved ones.

Unfortunately, the exact date of their marriage remains undisclosed. Revital Cohen Conricus, Jonathan’s wife, is an author and educator who graduated from The Open University. She can be found on Facebook under the username @Revital Cohen Conricus.

Jonathan and Revital Conricus are proud parents to four children, although their identities remain private. Nonetheless, the couple often shares heartwarming pictures with their children on their social media accounts.

Jonathan Conricus Wiki

Attribute Details
Name jonathan conricus 
Relationship Status Married
Born In Jerusalem, Israel
Nationality Israeli
Wife Revital Cohen Conricus
Religion Jewish
Children Four
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Lt. Colonel, Spokesperson
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Net worth $1.5 million
Weight 75 kg
Education Bachelor’s Degree
College The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Twitter Link
Facebook Link

Jonathan Conricus Biography

Jonathan was born in Jerusalem, Israel, but his journey took him to Sweden during his formative years, where he embraced various cultures and gained invaluable experiences. Although Jonathan has taken on public-facing roles throughout his career, he remains protective of his personal life, choosing to keep information about his family and upbringing confidential. This guarded approach reflects his desire to maintain a balance between his professional responsibilities and his private world, where he cherishes moments with loved ones away from the spotlight.

Jonathan Conricus Age

Jonathan’s exact age remains a mystery, adding an air of intrigue to his persona. However, judging from his wealth of experience and composed demeanor, one can infer that he is a seasoned individual in his mid-40s. His years of navigating various professional endeavors have undoubtedly endowed him with a wealth of wisdom and insight, qualities that shine through in his work and interactions. It’s this blend of maturity and expertise that lends credence to his contributions and positions him as a respected figure in his field.

Jonathan Conricus  Education

Jonathan delved into his academic pursuits at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he focused on Middle Eastern and Military Studies, nurturing his passion for understanding complex geopolitical dynamics and military strategies. Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2003, he emerged equipped with a deep understanding of the region’s history and armed forces. This educational journey not only provided Jonathan with a solid foundation for his future endeavors but also instilled in him a sense of purpose and direction, guiding him towards a career dedicated to serving his country and making a difference in the world.

Jonathan Conricus Career

After completing his education, Jonathan Conricus embarked on a fulfilling professional journey, starting with his dedicated service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). His initial roles included leading the IDF Liaison Unit in UN peacekeeping efforts in Lebanon, where he played a vital role in fostering cooperation and maintaining stability in the region. He later took on a similar responsibility in the Golan region, demonstrating his commitment to promoting peace and security.

Transitioning within the IDF, Jonathan assumed the role of Deputy Chief Liaison Officer of IDF Northern Command, where he continued to contribute his expertise to safeguarding Israel’s borders and interests.

Venturing beyond military service, Jonathan explored opportunities in international organizations, joining the United Nations as an Assessment Officer for nearly three years. However, drawn by his passion for communication and diplomacy, he eventually returned to the Israel Defense Forces. Serving as an International Spokesperson for six years, Jonathan effectively communicated critical information to global audiences, earning recognition for his exceptional communication skills and leadership abilities. This diverse professional journey reflects Jonathan’s unwavering dedication to serving his country and making a positive impact on a global scale.

Jonathan Conricus Net Worth

Jonathan Conricus has built an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million, drawing from his dynamic career path and entrepreneurial endeavors. His journey, marked by roles such as the former International Spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces and the founder of Conricus Communications, has paved the way for financial prosperity.

Through his dedication and hard work, Jonathan has achieved success in various spheres, demonstrating his ability to navigate both military and business landscapes with finesse. As an International Spokesperson, he effectively communicated critical information to global audiences, while his entrepreneurial venture, Conricus Communications, showcased his innovative spirit and business acumen.

This financial milestone reflects Jonathan’s commitment to excellence and his knack for seizing opportunities, underscoring his ability to thrive in diverse professional domains.

Quick Facts

  • Jonathan Conricus is a former spokesperson for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).
  • He was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and is approximately 45 years old.
  • Conricus completed his college education at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • He is married to Revital Cohen Conricus, who works as both an author and a teacher.
  • The couple has four children, but their identities are kept private.
  • Jonathan spent his formative years in Sweden.
  • His academic background includes Middle Eastern and Military Studies.
  • Jonathan served in various roles within the IDF, including as Deputy Chief Liaison Officer of IDF Northern Command.
  • He also worked as an Assessment Officer for the United Nations.
  • Jonathan’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Who is Jonathan Conricus?

Jonathan Conricus is renowned as a former spokesperson for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), acclaimed for his roles in military communication and international affairs.

  1. Where was Jonathan Conricus born?

Jwas born in the historic city of Jerusalem, Israel, imbuing him with a deep connection to his homeland’s cultural and historical significance.

  1. What is Jonathan Conricus’s educational background?

Jonathan Conricus completed his college education at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in Middle Eastern and Military Studies, thereby acquiring a comprehensive understanding of regional dynamics and military strategies.

  1. Is Jonathan Conricus married?

Yes, Jonathan Conricus is married to Revital Cohen Conricus, a talented author and devoted teacher, forming a partnership grounded in mutual respect and support.

  1. How many children does Jonathan Conricus have?

Jonathan and Revital Conricus are blessed with four children, although their identities are kept private, reflecting the couple’s commitment to safeguarding their family’s privacy.


In summary, Jonathan Conricus’s journey reflects his unwavering dedication to both his country and his professional pursuits. From his early roots in Jerusalem to his academic endeavors and diverse roles within the IDF, Conricus has consistently shown a commitment to excellence and service. His varied experiences, combined with his role as an IDF spokesperson and his ventures as an entrepreneur, have established him as a respected communicator and leader. Despite his public engagements, Conricus places great value on privacy, particularly when it comes to his family. Ultimately, his story epitomizes resilience, adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to his principles and responsibilities.


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