The Tragic Story Of Sidnee Stephens

Two fishermen made a grim discovery near the Beaucoup Creek Bridge south of Pinckneyville when they spotted a lifeless body in the water. Little did they know, the body belonged to Sidnee Stephens, a young girl who had reportedly gone missing from her home a few days prior. As investigators delved into the case, they uncovered shocking revelations that nobody could have anticipated.

The tragic murder of 15-year-old Sidnee Stephens sent shockwaves throughout the Perry County community, leaving its residents devastated. What made the situation even more heartbreaking was the involvement of individuals close to her, including her half-sister. Here’s a closer look at the events surrounding the untimely demise of Sidnee Stephens.

Sidnee Stephens Biography

Full NameSidnee Edith Cheyenne Stephens
Date of BirthMay 15th, 1995
Zodiac SignTaurus
Place of BirthMurphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois, USA
Date of DeathJuly 25th, 2010
Place of DeathPerry County, Illinois, USA
Place of BurialSunset Memorial Park Cemetery
ParentsJason Tritschler and Tracy Stephens

Meet Sidnee Stephens

Sidnee Stephens, the central figure in the tragic tale of the Town Saints murder, entered this world on May 15th, 1995, in the serene town of Murphysboro, nestled in Jackson County, Illinois, United States. Born to parents Jason Tritschler and Tracy Stephens, Sidnee grew up in a bustling household alongside four siblings, where love and laughter filled the air.

Her journey through life led her to Pinckneyville Community High School, where she pursued her education with diligence and dedication. Beyond academics, Sidnee was a cherished member of the tight-knit community at Oak Grove Baptist Church in Pinckneyville, where she found solace and camaraderie among fellow worshippers.

Sidnee’s story, though tragically cut short, serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the enduring impact of those who leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

Early Life Of Sidnee Stephens

Sidnee Stephens, a vibrant sophomore at Pinckneyville Community High School, was a beloved member of Oak Grove Baptist Church in Pinckneyville. Her zest for life knew no bounds as she found joy in a myriad of activities. From crafting candy bracelets to grooving to music, attending concerts to mastering pool games, and indulging in outdoor adventures like fishing, swimming, and camping, Sidnee embraced every moment with enthusiasm and a contagious smile.

Her untimely departure has left a void in the hearts of her family and friends, who cherished her warm spirit and infectious laughter. Sidnee’s memory will forever be treasured by her devoted mother, Tracy Stephens (Randy Richmond), and her father, Jason Tritschler, along with her stepmother, Connie Tritschler, and a loving array of siblings: Zach “Bubby” Jeremiah, Dakota Wall, Tristin Tritschler, and Taylor Tritschler. She leaves behind a legacy of love and joy that touched the lives of all who knew her.

Sidnee’s circle of love extended to her grandparents, Jerry and Mary Ruth Tritschler, Larry Stephens, and Vicki Dale, as well as her great-grandmothers, Mauna Loa Bailey and Loa Runion, and her great-great-grandmother, Mary Waltemate. Her faithful German Shepherd, Declyn, stood by her side, offering comfort and companionship through life’s highs and lows.

In addition to her immediate family, Sidnee’s memory will be forever cherished by special friends like Stacy Hackworth and Tim Wall, as well as a host of beloved aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who were touched by her warmth and kindness. Though she may no longer walk among us, Sidnee’s spirit lives on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to have known her.

The Tragic Fate of Sidnee Stephens

Sidnee Stephens, a young girl with a history of mental health challenges, went missing on July 19th, 2010, sending shockwaves through her community. Given her past of running away and previous suicide attempts, her parents initially thought she had left voluntarily. However, they feared for her safety, knowing the risks she faced.

As news of Sidnee’s disappearance spread, the entire community came together in a collective effort to find her. People from all walks of life joined in the search, hoping for her safe return.

Days passed with no sign of Sidnee until two fishermen made a grim discovery near the Beaucoup Creek Bridge: human remains in the water. The authorities were immediately alerted, and efforts to identify the body began.

Through identifying personal items like her lip ring and necklace, the body was confirmed to be Sidnee Stephens. The devastating truth emerged from the post-mortem examination: Sidnee had fallen victim to homicidal violence.

The news shook the community to its core, leaving them grappling with grief and disbelief. Sidnee’s tragic fate served as a stark reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the need for support systems for struggling individuals.

In the aftermath of her untimely death, the memory of Sidnee Stephens lives on in the hearts of those who knew her, serving as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the profound impact of community solidarity in times of tragedy.

Sidnee Stephen And Dakota Wall 

Just like any typical younger sister, Sidnee cherished spending time with her older half-sister, Dakota Wall. Unfortunately, Dakota didn’t share the same sentiment. As they progressed into their teenage years, it seemed that the divide between them grew wider, despite their shared social circles.

In due course, Dakota began seeing Chad Bennett, a prominent figure in the local gang known as the P-Town Saints. Chad’s friend, Carl Dane, had previously dated Sidnee, but their relationship didn’t last. Sidnee documented her past experiences in a journal.

One day, Dakota stumbled upon Sidnee’s journal and was deeply upset by its contents. It appeared that Sidnee had written about an intimate relationship with Chad Bennett. This discovery left Dakota feeling hurt and betrayed.

Investigation into the Death of Sidnee Stephens

The investigation into Sidnee’s tragic death commenced with interviews of her close friends and family members. On July 28th, her former boyfriend, Carl Dane, was brought in for questioning. Initially, he denied any involvement in Sidnee’s murder. However, upon the discovery of blood on his clothing, he eventually confessed to the heinous crime. Carl admitted to strangling Sidnee until she lost consciousness, then transporting her to a bridge where he fatally shot her.

Authorities doubted Carl’s claim of acting alone and continued their inquiries. They subsequently apprehended James Glazier, another individual associated with the P-Town Saints gang. Under questioning, James confessed to his involvement and implicated a third person, Robbie Mueller.

Further investigation revealed that on the evening of July 19th, James and Carl unlawfully entered Sidnee’s residence through a patio door while Robbie kept watch. Together, James and Carl subdued Sidnee, forcibly moving her to their vehicle. They then drove to a nearby bridge, where Carl fatally shot Sidnee multiple times before disposing of her body in the river. Later, they returned to the scene to anchor her body with a cement block to ensure it remained submerged.

Carl Dane pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in 2011 and received a sentence of sixty years in prison. However, tragically, on the eve of his transfer to state custody, he was found deceased in his county jail cell.

Was Dakota Wall Found Guilty Of Sidnee Stephens’ Murder?

Dakota Wall was among those convicted for the tragic death of Sidnee Stephens. She faced accusations of aiding the individuals responsible for her sister’s murder. It was alleged that she intentionally left the door to their home unlocked, allowing her friends to abduct her younger sister. Wall defended herself by explaining that she had merely left the door open as a prank, never anticipating such a grave outcome. However, law enforcement didn’t accept her explanation, leading to charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping, home invasion, and burglary.

As for Dakota Wall’s current whereabouts, she is presently incarcerated. In 2018, she pleaded guilty to the charges and received a 26-year prison sentence. There is a possibility for her to be considered for parole after serving 10 years of her sentence. She is currently serving her time at the Lincoln Correctional Center, a women’s prison located in Lincoln, Illinois. Dakota Wall’s mother reportedly accepted the court’s ruling regarding her daughter’s conviction.

Quick Facts

  • Sidnee Stephens was murdered, and the investigation uncovered her killers.
  • Carl Dane confessed to the murder after initially denying involvement.
  • Dane, James Glazier, and Robbie Mueller were involved in Sidnee’s murder.
  • They entered Sidnee’s home, assaulted her, and then disposed of her body.
  • Carl Dane pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and received a 60-year sentence.
  • Dakota Wall, Sidnee’s sister, was convicted for aiding the murderers.
  • She left the door open for her friends, intending only to scare Sidnee.
  • Dakota Wall pleaded guilty in 2018 and received a 26-year sentence.
  • She may be eligible for parole after 10 years.
  • Dakota Wall is serving her sentence at Lincoln Correctional Center in Illinois.
  • Dakota Wall’s mother accepted the court’s ruling regarding her daughter’s conviction.


Q. Who was involved in Sidnee Stephens’ murder?

Sidnee Stephens’ tragic murder involved Carl Dane, James Glazier, and Robbie Mueller, who were found responsible for her death.

Q. What was Dakota Wall’s role in the murder?

Dakota Wall was accused of aiding the murderers by allegedly leaving the door to their home open, which facilitated the abduction of her younger sister, Sidnee.

Q. What were the charges against Dakota Wall?

Dakota Wall faced serious charges including first-degree murder, kidnapping, home invasion, and burglary in connection with Sidnee’s murder.

Q. What was Carl Dane’s sentence for the murder?

Carl Dane, upon pleading guilty to first-degree murder, received a substantial sentence of 60 years in prison.

Q. Where is Dakota Wall serving her sentence?

Dakota Wall is currently serving her sentence at the Lincoln Correctional Center in Illinois, where she is incarcerated for her involvement in Sidnee’s murder.


The devastating murder of Sidnee Stephens sent shockwaves through the community, leaving everyone reeling in disbelief. The authorities launched a meticulous investigation, determined to unravel the truth behind this appalling crime. Ultimately, Carl Dane, accompanied by his cohorts James Glazier and Robbie Mueller, were held accountable for Sidnee’s tragic demise. Even more heartbreaking was the involvement of Dakota Wall, Sidnee’s own sister, who was convicted of assisting the perpetrators by leaving the door to their home ajar.

While the legal system delivered justice through convictions and appropriate sentences, the scars left by Sidnee’s senseless murder run deep. It serves as a somber reminder of how fragile life is and the profound devastation caused by acts of violence. The community mourns the loss of Sidnee and grapples with the enduring impact of such a heartbreaking tragedy.

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