Meet Omikaye Phifer Son Of Mekhi Phifer

As the firstborn of actor Mekhi Phifer and actress Malinda Williams, Omikaye Phifer became famous. Omikaye has kept a low profile while being reared by famous Hollywood parents.

Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams divorced when Omikaye was little. Recently, Mekhi and Malinda have found pleasure in new marriages and flourishing entertainment professions.

Mekhi Phifer’s career flourished in the late 1990s and 2000s with parts in “8 Mile,” “ER,” “Lie to Me,” “Torchwood: Miracle Day,” and “High School High.” However, Malinda is known for “High School High,” “Soul Food,” “The Wood,” “Daddy’s Little Girls,” and “2 Days in New York.”

He and his family live in privacy despite their parents’ high-profile existence, allowing them to succeed personally and professionally.

Omikaye Phifer’s Quick Facts 

Full NameOmkaye Phifer
Year of Birth1999
Age (2023)About 24
Place of BirthUnited States
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Sexual OrientationNot Known
Relationship StatusSingle
ParentsAmerican actors Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams
SiblingsOne half-brother – Mekhi Thira Phifer Jr
Social MediaInstagram

Omikaye Phifer’s Early Life

Omikaye Phifer was born in the US in 1999 to actors Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams. In 2024, Omikaye will be 25. Her birth date and zodiac sign are unknown.

Omikaye Phifer strongly embraces his African-American roots, like his parents Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams. Omikaye’s American citizenship reflects his family’s unique culture.

Omikaye Phifer: Parents

Parents love and care for Omikaye. However, 1999 was a turning point that separated his parents.

His father, Mekhi Phifer, is a famous actor, producer, and director. Mekhi Phifer took Omikaye’s mother, Malinda Williams, as his first wife in 1999. Unfortunately, they divorced in 2003 after four years.

After the divorce, Mekhi Phifer and Oni Souratha had a second son in 2007. After finding permanent love, Mekhi married his longtime partner, Reshelet Barnes, at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills on March 30, 2013.

A Little information About Mekhi Phifer

A captivating American actor, Mekhi Phifer has left an unforgettable impression on film and television. Born in 1974 in Harlem, New York, Phifer was raised by a single mother. He switched from basketball to acting.

Phifer made his acting debut in Spike Lee’s 1995 picture “Clockers.” His captivating roles in “Soul Food,” “O,” and “8 Mile” attracted attention quickly. He also played Dr. Gregory Pratt in “ER,” a popular TV show, for several seasons.

Phifer has a diverse acting career and was dedicated to his profession. He was lauded for his ability to portray complex emotions and people in dramas, thrillers, and action flicks.

Phifer is a loving father and philanthropist outside the spotlight. He supports education and at-risk youth programs through charitable and community outreach activities.

Real NameMekhi Phifer
Nick NameMekhi Phifer
Date of BirthDecember 29, 1974
Age48 years old
Height176 cm(5’9”)
Weight(178 lbs) 81 kg
BirthplaceHarlem, New York, United States
ProfessionAmerican actor
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
EducationLincoln Square Auxiliary Services High School, State University of New York
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Sexual OrientationStraight
Kids/Children NameOmikaye Phifer, Mekhi Thira Phifer Jr
ParentsRhoda Phifer
DivorceMalinda Williams (m. 1999–2003)
SpouseReshelet Barnes (m. 2013)

Mekhi Phifer Career

In 1974, Harlem-born Mekhi Phifer became a Hollywood star known for his versatility. His acting career began in the mid-1990s with tiny appearances in TV and movies.

In 1995, Phifer’s portrayal as Future in Spike Lee’s “Clockers,” changed his career. He then starred in “Soul Food,” “High School High,” and “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.”

Phifer rose to fame in the early 2000s as Dr. Gregory Pratt in “ER.” Over 100 programs established his entertainment sector credibility.

Phifer has appeared in many TV episodes and movies, including “O,” “8 Mile,” “Divergent,” and “Torchwood: Miracle Day.” He co-produced the indie film “Pandemic: Fear and Isolation.”

His Mother, Malinda Williams, Is An Also American Actress

Omikaye’s mother, Malinda Williams, is a talented American actress with several roles. Her roles in “High School High,” “Soul Food,” “The Wood,” “Daddy’s Little Girls,” and “2 Days in New York” made her a Hollywood star.

Malinda’s versatility shined in “High School High,” when she played a beloved character. The film’s success highlighted her acting skills and boosted her industry profile. “Soul Food,” another career highlight, showed her aptitude for emotionally charged parts and garnered critical acclaim.

“The Wood” and “Daddy’s Little Girls” showcase Malinda’s acting range. These productions showed her abilities to give her characters depth and sincerity, impressing audiences and critics. In “2 Days in New York,” Malinda again showed her versatility by playing distinct characters in different genres, leaving audiences impressed.

Malinda Williams, like Omikaye’s father Mekhi Phifer, has made a lasting impact on entertainment. Her work demonstrates her talent, storytelling, and influence on global cinema. Malinda’s influence inspires budding actors and enriches American movies.

Omikaye Phifer, Career 

While not well-known, Omikaye Phifer is famous for his parents, Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams. Omikaye prefers privacy, as shown by his parents’ limited media and social media coverage.

Despite his low profile, Omikaye enjoys precious time with both of his parents. He is pampered by his family, highlighting their love.

He is the son of famous American actor Mekhi Phifer. Mekhi is best known for playing Dr. Greg Pratt in NBC’s ER and co-starring with Eminem in 8 Mile. His Fox crime show Lie to Me and Torchwood: Miracle Day roles as CIA operative Rex Matheson demonstrate his acting versatility.

His tight relationship with Omikaye and his growing family, including the birth of his second son to Oni Souratha in 2007 and his marriage to Reshelet Barnes in Beverly Hills on March 30, 2013, demonstrate his value of family. Mekhi loves and spends time with his children with pride.

Relationship Status

Omikaye Phifer looks to be unmarried and focused on his job rather than his personal life. His personal and romantic life is kept confidential, therefore much of it is unknown.

There’s conjecture about him dating, but no confirmation. Omikaye’s attractiveness and likability may draw romantic interest, making it likely that he is dating or dating soon.

His relationship status remains a mystery due to minimal public information, giving space for surprises and personal life revelations.

Interesting Facts Omikaye Phifer:

  1. Since birth, Omikaye Phifer has been in the spotlight as the son of mainstream American entertainer Mekhi Phifer.
  2. According to a 2020 report, he is 21.
  3. He was born in 1999, however we don’t know when he celebrates.
  4. Omikaye’s mother, Malinda Williams, is a prominent American actress who appeared in Southern Fare, The Wood, First Sunday, and others.
  5. His only relative is half-kin Mekhi Thira Phifer Jr.
  6. This mainstream famous youngster may have hidden his Instagram account.
  7. All of Omikaye’s photos are from childhood.
  8. Fernando Cameron is his uncle while Lisa Sorensen and Leslie Dunn are his aunts.
  9. Beverly, Rhoda, and Fred Williams are his grandparents.
  10. Omikaye’s education is currently unavailable

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q. Omikaye Phifer—who?

Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams’ first child is Omikaye Phifer. He was born in 1999 and has kept a modest profile.

Q. Omikaye Phifer’s dating status?

Omikaye Phifer’s relationship is private. Known information suggests he is single and keeps his personal life secret.

Q. Parents of Omikaye Phifer?

Omikaye’s parents are famous actor Mekhi Phifer and American actress Malinda Williams. Since their 2003 divorce, both have had happy marriages.

Q. Does Omikaye Phifer have siblings?

Mykhi Thira Phifer Jr. is Omikaye’s half-brother from Mekhi and his ex-fiancée Oni Souratha.

Q. Omikaye Phifer’s childhood: what is known?

Omikaye Phifer was born in America in 1999. His birth date and zodiac sign are unknown. He is American and African-American. He was reared privately.

Q. Does Omikaye Phifer use social media?

Omikaye has a private Instagram account and a modest social media profile.


Omikaye Phifer, son of Hollywood actresses Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams, lives a private life. About 25 in 2024, he was born in 1999. Both of his parents, Mekhi and Malinda, married successfully after their 2003 divorce. Mekhi Phifer, who appeared in “8 Mile” and “ER,” has had a varied career. Actress Malinda Williams is honoured for her work.

Omikaye’s early life and current activities are mostly unknown. Despite being born into fame, he keeps a modest profile, sharing few details about his relationships and career goals. He leads a discreet life, so his biography goes virtually unexplained, leaving celebrity offspring fans to speculate and wonder.

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