Lana Rhoades Net Worth

Lana Rhoades, born Amara Maple, is an American adult film actress noted for her beauty and talent. She has had great popularity and a huge fan base since her debut. With her burgeoning fame, many question Lana Rhoades’ net worth. Lana Rhoades Net Worth is $1 million .

Lana Rhoades’ Net Worth

An American adult film actress, Lana Rhoades Net Worth is $1 million. She’s famous for pornographic flicks and her enormous social media following.

September 1996 saw Lana Rhoades born in Chicago. Her Instagram followers exceed 11 million. In 2016, she debuted onscreen. Rhoades earned an Adult Video News Award in 2018 and was nominated for two more, including Female Performer. She received Best New Starlet at XBIZ 2017.

Lana Rhoades- Biography

Full NameAmara Maple
NicknameLana Rhoades
Date of Birth6th September 1996
Age27 years (as of 2024)
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, USA
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Weight124 lb (56 kg)
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourBlue
Marital StatusSingle
Ex-boyfriendMike Majlak
ProfessionModel, digital content creator, and influencer

On September 6, 1996, Chicago native Lana Rhoades was born. film star who went to LA from Chicago after emailing agent Mark Spiegler. Her Twitter and Instagram following exceed 750,000 and 4.9 million, respectively. Film star Cassie Fire is very popular on social media. She works at the Chicago-area Tilted Kilt.

Her popular bio makes her a successful movie actress. One of the richest movie actresses from IL. The Most Popular Movie Actress list includes her. At 22, Lana Rhoades is one of our most famous people.

Professional Career 

The social media star loved dancing and acting as a child. She loved gymnastics and cheering throughout high school. After graduating high school, she relocated to Los Angeles for a better life. The Tilted Kilt sports bar was her first waitress job. She abandoned her first job to become an exotic dancer and debuted in adult films in 2014. 

She worked in the sector for three years before her breakthrough in 2017.She worked with top production companies including Brazzers and Playboy. Her Playboy association made her famous in pornographic films. The social media celebrity was initially signed by Spieglergirls. After five months with the agency, she signed with LA Direct Models for nearly 10. 

She said in 2018 that she was leaving adult film production to pursue personal interests. Lana Rhoades came back strong in January 2020, ending her retirement. She retired from adult films in 2021. One of the main reasons she left the industry was because of some disgusting requests. Social media influencer Lana Rhoades creates digital content. She co-hosted 3 Girls 1 Kitchen. Over 1.01 million subscribers and 20.5 million views are on her self-titled YouTube channel. 

Lana Rhoades’ Personal Life 

Lana Rhoades’ dating life intrigues many. It looks the former adult film celebrity is single in 2023. Her previous romance ended in early 2021. Former adult film star dated Mike Majlak. Logan Paul introduced them and they started dating. Their connection was intermittent. Mike Majlak and she began dating in 2020. Online content creator Majlak.They briefly split in October 2020. Majlak announced the divorce on YouTube. The couple reunited in November 2020 and were together till February 2021. They split because they fought often and it was stressful.

Lana Rhoades’ baby 

The social media star’s pregnancy and newborn thrilled admirers worldwide. Many people asked about her child’s father. The social media star has concealed the child’s father. This has sparked rumours regarding her child’s father. Mike Majlak was rumoured to be her father. 

She was with her ex-boyfriend two months beforehand. Majlak denied the rumours and suggested a paternity test. He later admitted not being her father. The social media star revealed that a Brooklyn Nets player asked her out. This raised accusations that Kevin Durant fathered her child. She and Kevin kept the rumour quiet. Logan Paul mistakenly revealed the social media influencer’s child’s father on a podcast. He revealed that she had a child with a famous NBA star and named him. Fans didn’t know his name because it was bleeped. Lana’s child’s father is unknown. 

Lana Rhoades’ prison term 

Lana Rhoades’ childhood was tough and impacted her perseverance. She was involved in a sequence of tragic occurrences as a youngster that may have ruined her destiny. Lana was dating a troubled boy, which would put her in danger.

Lana watched and participated in illegal actions like housebreaking and other illegal activity with her boyfriend and his friends. This association got her a year in prison. Lana admits that her stint in prison changed her life. It was undoubtedly a divine intervention that prevented her from self-destruction.

Lana’s adolescence was complicated by substance misuse. Involuntary servitude as an exotic dancer by the hippy mafia at 16 deepened her problems. Lana’s hardship escalated when she had to work for the gang.

She acknowledges that the prison sentence, while unpleasant, broke the pattern of negative decisions, showing her resiliency. Lana’s redemption shows how one can overcome adversity. Lana’s story shows the power of the human spirit and the ability to overcome adversity, despite being arrested over 20 times before her prison term.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Beyond pornographic films, Lana Rhoades has pursued entrepreneurship, demonstrating her versatility and drive. Lana boldly launched her own product brand to broaden her career.

This venture contributed significantly to her net worth, not only to her brand. Lana’s goods line includes clothing and accessories chosen to appeal to her admirers. Lana’s goods line was a reflection of her creative vision and market knowledge.

Lana Rhoades connected with her fans more through her goods. Lana’s fans were excited to purchase goods from their favourite star. This increased Lana’s brand awareness and demonstrated her financial skill in finding and exploiting non-adult entertainment revenue streams.

Lana’s entrepreneurial venture shows her adaptability and success in various fields. That she wants to leave a legacy beyond her adult film career shows that she is a smart businesswoman who sees chances.

Temporary Retirement and Return

Lana Rhoades unexpectedly left adult films in 2018, leaving fans wondering why. She was well-known in adult industry, so her announcement went viral on social media.

Lana returned in 2019 to the delight of her fans. This surprise reappearance represented a turning point in her career, but she limited the sequences she did. This decision intrigued and excited people to see how Lana would handle this new professional era.

The revelation of her comeback and the limits generated online conjecture. Lana Rhoades’ ability to connect with her audience after a brief sabbatical showed her power in adult entertainment.

Success on Social Media

Lana Rhoades has millions of followers on Instagram. She expertly uses these platforms to exhibit her life and promote her own products. She connects with her audience through this involvement, building community. Lana transforms herself into a dynamic influencer that shapes trends and connects with a varied audience by skillfully exploiting her large internet following.


Q. Lana Rhoades’ wealth?

Lana Rhoades’ estimated net worth is $1 million.

Q. When was Lana Rhoades born?

Lana Rhoades (Amara Maple) was born September 6, 1996.

Q. Lana Rhoades’ Instagram handle?

@lanarhoades is Lana Rhoades’ Instagram handle.

Q. Does Lana Rhoades have any adult film awards?

The 2018 Adult Video News Award winner Lana Rhoades was nominated for two others, including Female Performer of the Year. She was named XBIZ’s Best New Starlet in 2017.

Q. Is Lana Rhoades dating?

Lana Rhoades is single as of 2023, after splitting with Mike Majlak in early 2021.

Q. Who fathered Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhoades hasn’t revealed her child’s father, fueling rumours. People like Mike Majlak and Kevin Durant have been linked to these rumours.

Q. Did Lana Rhoades have legal issues?

Indeed, Lana Rhoades spent a year in jail in her teens due to her problematic boyfriend’s illicit activities.


In conclusion, Lana Rhoades’ persistence and adaptation helped her become a successful adult film actress, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Her $1 million net worth shows her success in adult entertainment and her ability to diversify and profit.

Lana’s adult film awards, social media following, and entrepreneurial success demonstrate her versatility. Her brief retirement and return brought drama to her story and showed her lasting impact on adult entertainment.

Beyond the beauty and scandals, Lana Rhoades’ personal experiences, including a difficult adolescence and incarceration, show her salvation and the human spirit.

Lana’s excellent brand management and entrepreneurship demonstrate her financial skills and desire to leave a legacy beyond adult films. Lana Rhoades is a notable figure in adult entertainment, business, and other fields.

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