Actress Silvana Prince Biography, Career, Family, and Story

Mexian artist Silvana Torres Prince was a model, actor, singer, and dancer. Her films include El taxista querendón (1997) and Ayudame compadre (1992). The mother of Mexican musician and actor Vadhir Debrez, she is famous. After dating Mexican actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez, Silvana had Vadhir in 1991. 

The actress has worked alongside Mexican actors including Otto Sirgo, Margarita Gralia, Leonardo Daniel, and others.Silvana, from Cordoba, Veracruz, studied interior design, ballet, contemporary art, flamenco, jazz, modern dance, singing, and painting in Guadalajara. Her first jobs were modeling and commercial photography. Giovanni Carlo, Marcelo, Vanity, and others have used her as a model. She later appeared in The Comedians, Anabel, Single Dad, and The Awful Dreamy Vidita Wild. Silvana competed in Miss Jalisco 1977.

Quick Facts

NameSilvana Prince
Full NameSilvana Torres Prince
Date of Birth5 October
Age (as in 2023)55-65
Zodiac SignLibra
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
Birth PlaceCordoba, Veracruz, Mexico
Sexual OrientationStraight
Relationship StatusSingle
Husband / SpouseEugenio Alexandrino González Derbez (Ex-Boyfriend)
ChildrenVadhir Debrez
Networth$100,000 USD

Early Life 

Many movies and TV episodes have starred Silvana Prince, making this biography incomplete without discussing them. This page contains her film and project information.

Silvana studied interior design, ballet, contemporary art, flamenco, jazz, modern dance, singing, and painting in Guadalajara. She was born in Veracruz’s Cordoba. Modeling and commercial photography were her early careers. She modeled for Vanity, Marcelo, and Giovanni Carlo.

Career and Professional Life

Silvana Prince is Mexican housewife. The mother of actor Vadhir Derbez is famous. His acting career is also notable.

Vader is a versatile Mexican actor. He debuted on “Derbez en Cuando” at six in 1997, appearing in “Tatiana y En Familia con Chabelo” (2000) and “Diseador do ambos sexos” (2000).

(2001). Early acting credits include a 2001 episode of the Mexican series Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real.

In 2006, he played Marco López Pérez in 36 episodes of the famous show “Vecinos”. “Mira Quien Baila” (2010), Univision’s inaugural reality dance competition, was won by Derbez.

In the 2013 hit series Gossip Girl: Acapulco, he played Maximiliano ‘Max’ Zaga alongside Alexis Ayala, José Mara Torre, and Isabela Camil.

On the 2016 soap series “La querida del Centauro,” Vadhir played “César Suárez,” the drug lord’s sociopathic son.

The actor appeared in TV Azteca and Televisa Blim’s debut series, “Entre Correr y Vivir,” based on Ricardo and Pedro Rodrguez’s life, the same year.

The actor made his stage debut as Tom Sawyer in “Las Aventuras de Tom Sawyer,” a Spanish translation of Mark Twain’s story, in 2004.

He played Tacho, Kiko, and Danny Sucko in “Grease” in 2013. He then played the lead in “Rock of Ages” (2014) on Broadway.

Personal life 

On February 18, 1991, Silvana gave birth to Vadhir Derbez, their son, after a 1990 romance with prominent actor and director Eugenio Alexandrino Gonzalez Derbez.

Silvana is thrilled with Vadhir’s achievements. The two are tied by his status as her son and a famous Mexican musician and actor.

Derbez debuted on Derbez en Cuando at six. A decade later, at 10, he appeared in Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real.

Silvana Prince’s kid appeared in Imaginum (2005), Ladrones (2015), El Mesero (2020), and The Seventh Day (2021). Derbez also scored Comploces al Rescate (2001) and De Pocas Pulgas (2003) and released the EP Vadhir Derbez (2016).

His singles include Toda La Banda (2019), Mala (2019), Al Final (2016), Te Olvide (2016), and Me Haces Sentir (2016).

She cheers and admires his triumphs every time. She saw Vadhir leave an indelible mark on music and acting.

After this moment, the Mexican model’s love life seemed to have stabilized. No weddings or romances have been mentioned.

Silvana keeps her personal life private, therefore her romantic status is unknown. She seems preoccupied with her profession and motherhood.

Prince Had Another Child Before Vadhir Derbez

Prince lost a baby before having Vadhir on February 18, 1991. Whether this youngster perished immediately after birth is unknown.

At age 6, Derbez appeared on Derbez en Cuando. The 2001 TV series Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real starred him at age 10.

Later, her son appeared in Imaginum (2005), Ladrones (2015), El Mesero (2020), and The Seventh Day (2021).

Derbez sings on Comploces al Rescate (2001) and De Pocas Pulgas (2003) soundtracks and has an EP, Vadhir Derbez (2016). Some of his singles:

  • Toda La Banda (2019)
  • Mala (2019)
  • Al Final (2016)
  • Te Olvide (2016)
  • Me Haces Sentir (2016)

Some Interesting Facts About Silvana Prince

  • She is closer to her son Vadhir Derbez than his father. Silvana proudly discusses her son’s accomplishments on social media and supports his career.
  • Silvana Prince ended her relationship with Eugenio Derbez after he started seeing Victoria Ruffo. Because Victoria Ruffo was pregnant, Ilvana kicked Eugenio out of her residence after discovering his infidelity.Vadhir was 5 months old when they split.
  • She said she met Derbez at a Puebla beauty pageant. She said their relationship was serious and that they lost a kid before Vadhir’s pregnancy.
  •  However, in a recent interview with his son, she admitted to cheating in her relationship, shocking everyone.
  • Silvana says she met her partner at a beauty contest in Puebla, mistaking him for a magician.  We survived almost four years, till mid-91. I think Derbez and Ruffo met at a special theatrical performance I missed because I was pregnant.
  • Custom, hand-painted phone cases are her current focus. She accepts orders on Instagram. She has over 58k followers.
  • She adores her mother and never forgets to show it.

Silvana Prince’s Net Worth

Silvana Prince may be worth $100,000. She is famous for modeling, acting, dancing, singing, and drawing.

The majority of her income comes from modeling and acting. Her extensive theater and dance career has impacted several places.

The actor’s $4 million net worth is a notable feat in the entertainment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.  Silvana Prince—who?

Mexican artist Silvana Prince has worked as a model, actress, singer, and dancer. As the mother of Mexican musician and actor Vadhir Derbez, she is famous.

Q. What films has Silvana Prince made?

Silvana Prince starred in “El taxista querendón” (1997) and “Ayudame compadre” (1992).

Q. Who is Vadhir Derbez and his career?

Vadhir Derbez, a skilled Mexican actor, began his career young. He performs music and appears in movies and TV.

Q. How much is Silvana Prince worth?

Model and actress Silvana Prince has a $100,000 net worth.

Q. Silvana Prince’s ex-boyfriend?

Famous Mexican actor and comedian Eugenio Alexandrino Gonzalez Derbez was Silvana Prince’s ex-boyfriend. Vadhir Derbez is their son.


Silvana Prince’s life is defined by her many talents and motherhood. Silvana’s contributions to the entertainment industry range from her early modeling and commercial photography career to her film and TV roles.

Son Vadhir Derbez has succeeded in acting and music like his mother. Silvana is proud of Vadhir’s achievements, showing their close mother-son bond.

Silvana’s personal background, including her romance with Eugenio Derbez and her struggles, enriches her story. She continues to pursue her job and enjoy motherhood despite setbacks.

Silvana Prince’s talents, family, and entertainment contributions are highlighted in the article.

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