Raven Tracy Age: Height, Weight, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More

Raven Tracy Age

30 Years Old

raven tracy age

Raven Tracy Age

Raven Tracy, at the age of 30, has made a name for herself as a prominent model and influential figure in the world of social media. Born on June 24, 1993, she has gained considerable recognition for her captivating online presence. Based in the United States, Tracy has amassed a large following thanks to her distinctive style and engaging content. Her charismatic personality and creative approach have solidified her position as a notable personality, captivating audiences with her unique blend of charm and innovation.

Raven Tracy Wiki

Attribute Information
Real Name Raven Tracy
Occupation Model, Social Media Influencer, Instagram Personality, Content Creator, and Entrepreneur
Age (as of 2023) 29 Years Old
Birthdate June 24, 1993 (Thursday)
Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Net Worth USD 2-3 million (approx.)
Qualification Graduate
Alma mater Local High School
Ethnicity Mixed (African)
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Weight In Kilograms: 55 kg
In Pounds: 121 lbs
Height In Feet Inches: 5′ 7″

Raven Tracy Early Life

Raven Tracy, born on June 24, 1993, to her Black-American parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tracy, originates from Atlanta City in Georgia. Raised alongside her siblings in Atlanta, Tracy was brought up with a strong sense of pride in her Black heritage by her parents. Growing up in a Christian home, she was taught the values of faith and self-respect, with her upbringing emphasizing the significance of embracing one’s identity fully, especially concerning skin color, without any hesitations.

Raven Tracy Education

Raven Tracy spent her formative years attending elementary and high school in Atlanta, where she built the groundwork for her academic path. After graduating, Tracy furthered her education at one of Georgia State’s esteemed universities. There, she wholeheartedly immersed herself in her studies, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to her chosen field. Her unwavering commitment and drive to succeed propelled her towards earning her degree, signifying a noteworthy achievement in her journey towards excellence.

School Local Private School
University Private University
Qualification Graduate

Raven Tracy Family Members

Raven Tracy’s family consists of her father, referred to as Mr. Tracy, and her mother, known as Mrs. Tracy. However, details regarding any siblings, whether brothers or sisters, are undisclosed or unknown. While this limited information provides insight into the parental figures in Tracy’s life, it also leaves room for speculation regarding her broader family dynamics beyond her immediate parents.

Raven Tracy Body Measurements

Raven Tracy has captivating brown eyes that radiate warmth and depth, adding to her striking appearance. Her luscious blonde hair flows gracefully, framing her face with an aura of elegance and sophistication. Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters), Tracy’s statuesque figure naturally draws attention wherever she goes. Despite her slender physique, her weight of 56 kilograms reflects a healthy balance, showing her commitment to overall well-being. Together, these physical attributes contribute to Tracy’s undeniable charm, amplifying her presence both on and off the camera.

Attribute Information
Weight In Kg 55
Weight In Lbs 141
Height In Feet 5′ 8”
Height In Meter 1.78
Measurement 37-24-43 cm
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Tattoo Yes

Raven Tracy Career

Raven Tracy’s journey into modeling began with her innate beauty, drawing her into the industry.

In 2013, at the age of 20, she kicked off her career by sharing stunning photos of herself on Twitter, quickly garnering a following of over 80,000 within five years.

Come January 2018, Raven shifted her focus to Instagram to expand her brand. Her page soon became a hub for eye-catching content, amassing a global following of over 2 million admirers.

As her presence on Instagram soared, prominent U.S. brands began tapping her for modeling gigs, catapulting her into commercial success.

Beyond modeling, Raven has graced the screens in several music videos, notably starring in DVSN’s “Mood.”

She’s the face of renowned fashion brands like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Things, embodying their style with grace.

In 2019, Raven ventured into entrepreneurship, founding her own fashion label, Body By Raven Tracy. The brand offers chic clothing designs, catering to customers across North America and Europe.

With her immense influence on Instagram, Raven collaborates with esteemed brands such as The New Classic, Gabby Elan Jewelry, and Oh Polly, solidifying her status as a top influencer in the industry.

Raven Tracy Personal Life

Raven Tracy, the accomplished model known for her captivating curves, celebrated her milestone 30th birthday in grand fashion on June 24th. Her birthday bash was a lavish affair, attended by her loving family, close friends, and esteemed socialites from all corners of Georgia. The event was a true reflection of Tracy’s widespread influence and the affection she holds in the hearts of those closest to her.

Residing in an elegant apartment located in Atlanta’s upscale neighborhood, Tracy embodies sophistication and luxury in every aspect of her life. Her enviable lifestyle extends to her choice of transportation, as she proudly owns an exotic vehicle that complements her status as a fashion icon.

Despite her professional success, Tracy’s personal journey adds depth to her story. She was previously romantically involved with fashion designer Ian Connor, who not only was her loving fiancé but also her devoted boyfriend. However, their relationship came to an end in December 2018. Despite the breakup, Tracy gracefully navigates the complexities of love and relationships, staying focused on her thriving career and personal growth.

Raven Tracy Social Media

Raven Tracy has amassed an incredible following of over 2.1 million devoted fans on her Instagram page. There, she offers glimpses into her glamorous life and serves as a source of inspiration for her audience with her captivating presence. You can easily find her on Instagram using her official handle, @sooraven. Through her unique style, charisma, and uplifting content, she continues to enchant and connect with her growing community of followers, leaving a lasting impact on all who encounter her page.

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Raven Tracy Net Worth

Raven Tracy’s modeling and social media endeavors have proven to be lucrative, bringing her significant financial success. Through a diverse array of brand partnerships, endorsements, and collaborations, Tracy has built a robust income stream reflective of her multifaceted career.

Estimates suggest Tracy’s net worth falls between $100,000 and $700,000, highlighting her entrepreneurial skills and influential presence in the industry. Leveraging her substantial following on platforms like Instagram, Tracy commands attention from both audiences and brands, establishing herself as a highly sought-after influencer in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle circles.

In addition to her modeling work, Tracy’s business ventures, such as her own fashion brand “Body By Raven Tracy,” play a significant role in her financial success. Each successful endeavor further solidifies her status as a savvy entrepreneur, expanding her empire and establishing her as a prominent figure in the world of fashion and social media influence.


  1. How old is Raven Tracy and when is her birthday?

Raven Tracy is currently 30 years old, born on June 24, 1993.

  1. Where is Raven Tracy originally from and where does she live now?

Raven Tracy is from Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and she currently resides in Los Angeles, California, United States.

  1. What is Raven Tracy’s estimated net worth?

Estimates suggest Raven Tracy’s net worth ranges between $100,000 and $700,000, reflecting her successful career in modeling and social media influence.

  1. What are some notable highlights of Raven Tracy’s career?

Raven Tracy’s career highlights include her modeling journey, amassing a significant following of over 2 million on Instagram, collaborations with leading fashion brands, and the establishment of her own fashion label, “Body By Raven Tracy.”


Raven Tracy’s journey is a prime example of how talent, dedication, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit can pave the way for success in today’s world. Starting from modest beginnings in Atlanta, she has climbed the ranks to become a prominent model and social media influencer. Tracy’s story is a testament to her unwavering determination and innovative thinking.

With a flourishing career, a supportive network, and a commitment to personal and professional development, Raven Tracy continues to leave a mark in the realms of fashion and social media. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the possibilities that come with hard work and perseverance.


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