Neil Jason Wharton: A Glimpse into the Life of Vince Neil’s Son

Neil Jason Wharton became famous as the son of Mötley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil. Jason, like most musicians’ children, followed in his father’s footsteps. In fact, he fronts his own band, Rock N Roll Junkies.

Neil has a lovely marriage with Marie and two children. See below for more intriguing information.

Quick Facts 

Full NameNeil Jason Wharton
Birth PlaceCalifornia
BirthdayOctober 2, 1978
Age45 years
FatherVince Neil
MotherTami Jones
SiblingsTwo half-siblings: Elizabeth Ashley Wharton & Skylar Lynnae Neil
ProfessionFrontman of Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkies
Net Worth$5 million
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlond
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMarie Wharton
ChildrenFive (Two Biological and Three Step-Kids)

Neil Jason Wharton’s Father, Vince Neil

He was born Vincent Neil Wharton on February 8, 1961, in Hollywood, California, to Clois ‘Odie’ Wharton and Shirley. He is of Mexican and Native American origin. Neil Jason had many issues growing up, moving around the US to Inglewood, Watts, and Glendora, where the family settled. After Sunflower Intermediate, he attended Royal Oak High.

Vince started his music career in high school, but he also played basketball, surfing, wrestling, and football.

Neil Jason Wharton’s Mother Tami Jones 

Vince, Tattoos & Tequila vocalist, probably loved Neil Jason’s mother Tami Jones first. Jason told Ozmail his parents met in 1977.

His parents attended the same high school. Tami saw Vince leave the boy’s room with a fractured leg from skating, and she felt sad for the future musician.

Neil stated he smiled at her as she offered to help him with his books. That attracted her eye.” 


Neil Jason Wharton was born in Los Angeles, California. Neil Jason is his nickname. He is white caucasian and American. He was Libra and Christian.Neil is the son of Motley Crue lead singer and guitarist Vince Neil. Tami Jones is his mother.

Jason’s parents never married. High school was when they started dating. After their son Jason was born, they split.

His father’s prior relationship with Beth Lynn gave him a half-sister, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton. Cancer killed his other half-sister Skylar Lynnae Neil.

Neil Jason Wharton Professional Career

American guitarist Neil Jason performs professionally. He was influenced by his father Vince to love music from childhood. In the 1980s, he established “Rock N Roll” with friends.

Early on, their band played local venues. It grew slowly and performed internationally. His bandmates are Steven, Patrick, and Metty Vincent, who play drums and bass.

Jason works with the Skyler Neil Memorial Foundation in addition to music. This charity honours his half-sister Skyler Lynnae Neil, who died of cancer.

Jason’s father Vince, the lead singer of Motley Crue, is also a famous American musician. His 1981 debut album, “Too Fast For Love,” was a hit.

“Shout at the Devil” was his 1983 follow-up and the year’s best-selling record. He departed Motley Crue in 1992 to pursue a solo career.

In 1993, Vince released his debut solo album, “Exposed,” which topped the Billboard chart. His fame led Motley Crue to rejoin with him in 1997 and release songs including New Tattoo, Generation Swine, and Saint Of Los Angeles.

Neil Jason WhartonSiblings; One Died At The Age Of Four

Vince’s first wife Beth Lynn gave Neil two younger half-sisters, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton (born October 29, 1983). The couple married in 1981 and divorced in 1985 after four years.

Neil married mud wrestler and fashion model Sharise Ruddell in April 1987 after their divorce. The couple had Skylar Lynnae Neil on March 26, 1991. Unfortunately, Skylar died of cancer in 1995.

She died tragically, thus her father formed the Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation. It studies paediatric cancer, leukaemia, and AIDS. The nonprofit has raised almost $1 million.

Neil Jason Wharton Personal Life 

Jennifer Bonet is his wife. On October 14, 2011, they adopted Trace, Vincent Neil, a daughter. The happy couple lives with their baby. His father, Vince Neil, and Tami Jones never married. The couple has been together since high school. They divorced after Neil Jason Wharton was born. Married Sharise Ruddell in April 1987. The couple had their only child, Skylar, four years later. They split in 1993, shortly after her birth. 

The 1981-85 marriage of Vince and Beth Lynn ended in 1985. Their daughter was Elizabeth Ashley. Following his divorce from Sharise, Vince married Playboy Playmate Heidi Mark in 2002 after dating her for almost 7 years. Another divorce followed 15 months of engagement.

Neil Jason Wharton Net Worth 

Neil Jason Wharton’s net worth and salary are also popular celebrity questions. Some trustworthy sources estimate his net worth at $1 million. His riches comes from his singing career.

Although Jason’s father Vince is thought to be worth $50 million. Jason owns multiple luxury automobiles and runs Tattoo Parlour Restaurant and Bars in addition to his music career.

Vince also has a 2001 Ferrari 360 Modena F1, 2002 Hummer H2, 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, 2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed, 1932 Ford, Mercedes SL600, and others.

Interesting Facts about  Neil Jason Wharton

1. Jason has numerous maned siblings from his father: Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Skylar Lynnae Neil, John Corabi, Heidi Mark, and Sharise Ruddell.

2. He formed Rock-N-Roll Junkies with Steven, Patrick, and Metty Vincent.

3. Jason supports his father’s Skyler Neil Memorial Foundation, which assists children with cancer and other ailments.

4. Trace Vincent Neil is his only daughter.

5. Jason is tall and medium-weight. He weighs 70 kg and is 5’9″.


Q. Neil Jason Wharton—who?

Rock-n-Roll Junkies frontman Neil Jason Wharton is Vince Neil’s oldest kid.

Q. What does Neil Jason Wharton do?

He fronts Motley Crue tribute band Rock-n-Roll Junkies, following his father’s musical footsteps.

Q. How many siblings does Neil Jason Wharton have?

Neil has half-siblings Elizabeth Ashley Wharton and Skylar Lynnae Neil.

Q. Who married Neil Jason Wharton?

Marie and Neil Jason Wharton are married.

Q. How much is Neil Jason Wharton worth?

Neil Jason Wharton may be worth $1 million.


Neil Jason Wharton followed his famous father, Vince Neil, into the music profession. The frontman of music-n-Roll Junkies has continued his family’s music history. Neil’s music enthusiasm has helped him succeed despite personal hardships. His work with the Skyler Neil Memorial Foundation shows his generous spirit. Neil Jason Wharton carries Motley Crue’s heritage with a supportive family and a successful musical career.

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