Marshall Trenkmann Meet Karla Souza’s Husband

After marrying Karla Souza, financier Marshall Trenkmann gained fame. Karla is a great actor and series regular on ABC’s “How To Get Away With Murder”. Plays Lauren Castillo. Marshall is a reclusive man. Thus, admirers want to know more about the man who married a stunning actress.Of course, people want to know more about Marshall. He keeps a quiet profile, but Karla posts about their family on Instagram. Fans are curious about her family, therefore they want to know more about her husband. 

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Quick Facts

Real NameMarshall Trenkmann
Nick NameMarshall 
Famous AsCelebrity husband
BirthplaceTexas, USA
Zodiac SignAquarius
Heightapprox. 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weightapprox. 67 Kg
Body Measurementsapprox. 44-32-38 inches
Biceps Size23 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe SizeN/A
SpouseKarla Souza
Net Worth$5 million


Marshall Trenkmann, a financier, became famous after marrying Karla Souza. How to Get Away With Murder is an ABC legal drama. Karla, a series regular, is a great actor. She plays Lauren Castillo. Marshall is incredibly private, therefore nothing is known about him. Fans want to know more about the man who married one of the world’s most beautiful actresses.People want to know more about Marshall, which is expected. Despite his low Instagram presence, Karla posts family information. This increased followers’ interest in her family, so they may want to know more about her husband. 


After college, he went into business. His intellectual success allowed him to finish school faster than most students. He worked at the CIB LATAM office in Mexico City before returning to Texas.

He also collaborated with several successful Mexican companies. Marshall Trenkmann then joined the CIB Oil and Gas Credit team in Houston, Texas.

The Televisa-run Centro de Educación Artstica in Mexico City was Souza’s first acting school. She studied acting in France and performed with a touring professional theatre company.

After being invited to study at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, Souza declined an offer to appear on the French reality TV show Star Academy. The institution awarded her a BA in acting in 2008.

Later in her London studies, she received a CCP award, given to London’s most promising actress. After enrolling in Anatoly Smilianski’s Moscow acting intensive, she returned to Mexico City at 22.

In 2009, Souza debuted on the Mexican telenovela Verano de Amor. Later, she participated in Mexican sitcoms Los Héroes del Norte and La Clinica. She appeared in Prada to Nada, Nosotros los Nobles, and Instructions Not Included in 2013.

Souza moved to LA in 2014 for English-language film and TV roles. She played law student Laurel Castillo opposite Viola Davis in Shonda Rhimes’ legal thriller How to Get Away with Murder. February 2015’s Women’s Health cover featured Souza.

Marshall Trenkmann and Karla Souza married

After dating Karla, Marshall married her in 2014. Their marriages were consecutive. They initially married civilly on a California beach in May. Their family and dear friends were among the fifteen attendees.

They remarried in Morelos, South Central Mexico, in a religious ceremony. They celebrated June 5–8 in 2014. As 2023 approaches, it has been almost ten years since they elegantly led their wedding ceremony. Their bond grows stronger each year.

How did Marshall meet Karla? 

Marshall reportedly met his future wife Karla at a friend’s party in Mexico in the 2010s and was immediately drawn. After some meetings, they became friends and bonded by their familial mental health issue. In Red Table Talk, Karla said,

When I met my husband, he told me he had a schizophrenic brother. I had never told any of my dates about my bipolar mom. ‘Oh, really?’ “When he met my mom, she was manic. He was calm as a day and understood what to do.”

That was the deepest connection, “It’s like the support system of people talking about it and sharing stories. Extremely powerful.”

After years of dating, the banker proposed to his then-gf in December 2013. Six months later, they married. 

Marshall Trenkmann has two children.

Gianna was Marshall and his wife’s first child in April 2018. The family gladly welcomed Luke Olivares, their second child, in June 2020. Little Luke is a lively 3-year-old.

Marshall’s parenting began with Gianna’s joyful birth. The April 2018 firstborn brought love and joy to the family. Sleepless nights, warm hugs, and endless awe at new life were the couple’s delivery experiences.

Luke Olivares’ June 2020 birth delighted the family. As he turns three, the house will be full of tiny feet, contagious smiles, and charming chaos.

Marshall and his wife have reviewed their children’s infancy and toddlerhood growth, learning, and personality development. From Gianna’s first tentative steps to Luke’s silly pranks, parenthood is exciting every day.

After thinking about it, Marshall understands each child has unique joys and challenges. The strong-willed older sister Gianna is confident. Three-year-old Luke is curious and enthusiastic.

With finger-painted masterpieces on the fridge, toys everywhere, and bedtime stories that send kids to dreamland, the house is now a vibrant painting of childhood.

The Olivares family makes everyday events memorable. Marshall and his wife relish every moment of parenting, knowing their kids will grow up fast. Marshall, his wife, Gianna, and Luke Olivares’ tale is one of love, growth, and the never-ending journey of parenting.

Trenkmann is a loving husband.

Marshall has showed Karla a lot of love since they started dating. Despite this, the Dive actress was most impressed by his modest acts of compassion. One year after their wedding, Souza spoke to a US magazine about her husband. She said,

“He leaves me articles that he wants me to read about something that we were discussing prior to our conversation, such as Latino culture,”He may also place a note in my bag saying, “Good day! You’re my love.”

He has maintained his original behavior throughout the years, which is why they have a great marriage. 

Marshall Trenkmann Net Worth 2023

Due to his marriage to a famous actress, he works in entertainment. He has always been involved in business. Please stop wondering how much money Marshall Trenkmann has. In November 2023, Marshall Trenkmann was believed to be worth over $5 million, according to credible sources. Success in his career brought him this money. If he keeps advancing in his career, his fortune will grow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is Marshall Trenkmann?

Banker Marshall Trenkmann is best known for marrying Mexican actress Karla Souza, who appeared in “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Q. With whom did Marshall and Karla first meet?

A mutual buddy arranged a party where Marshall and Karla met in Mexico in the 2010s. They made friends and bonded over mental health issues.

Q. When did Marshall and Karla marry?

Marshall and Karla married twice in 2014. In May, they had a civil wedding in California, then in June, a religious ceremony in Morelos, Mexico.

Q. No one knows how many children Marshall and Karla have.

Marshall and Karla have a daughter, Gianna, in April 2018 and a son, Luke Olivares Trenkmann, in June 2020. Both children are named after their parents.

Q. What is Marshall Trenkmann’s entire wealth?

As of November 2023, Marshall Trenkmann’s net worth is expected to exceed $5 million. His banking and entertainment career made him rich.


Marshall Trenkmann, a banker, became famous after marrying actress Karla Souza. Karla’s social media has revealed his life, marriage, and family despite his limited profile. The couple’s long marriage, two weddings, and two children lend depth to the story. Marshall is worth over $5 million due to his financial and entertainment connections. Marshall’s life is private, but the insights given give viewers a glimpse into his marriage to the amazing “How To Get Away With Murder” actress.

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