Cassidy Hutchinson Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Cassidy Hutchinson Net Worth

cassidy hutchinson net worth

Cassidy Hutchinson net worth stands at $3 million as of 2023, primarily amassed through her successful career in American politics. Starting as an intern for notable politicians like Ted Cruz and Steve Scalise, Hutchinson gradually advanced her career trajectory. She secured positions within the Trump administration, notably serving as an aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Through dedication and hard work, she progressed from roles like Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff to ultimately becoming the Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs. Her tenure in the White House likely provided substantial salaries, contributing significantly to her impressive net worth.

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Who Is Cassidy Hutchinson?

Who Is Cassidy Hutchinson?

Cassidy Hutchinson recently disclosed that political figures like Matt Gaetz were eager to strike a deal with the White House, seeking protection from potential legal repercussions related to the events of January 6th. Gaetz vehemently opposed the investigation into the matter, dismissing it as a mere political maneuver. Cassidy, who has now authored a book detailing her experiences, describes herself as a young individual caught in the midst of a significant crisis, where she felt compelled to risk everything to expose the truth about influential figures in Washington. In a candid interview, she expressed her lack of trust in Gaetz, highlighting his disruptive influence in Congress, which she believes could eventually lead to a government shutdown. Notably, Gaetz is part of a faction of Republicans seeking to oust Kevin McCarthy from his leadership position.

Value Attribute 
NameCassidy Hutchinson
Birth Date12 December 1996
Birth PlaceMercer County, New Jersey
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Age26 Years Old
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 5ft 7inIn Centimeter: 170cmIn Meter: 1.7m
WeightIn Kilogram: 60kgIn pounds: 132 lbs
Net Worth$1.5 million
EducationChristopher Newport University
ProfessionChief of Staff Mark Meadows
Martial StatusNot Known

Early Life of Cassidy Hutchinson  

Cassidy Hutchinson, born on December 12, 1996, hails from Mercer County, New Jersey, where she spent her formative years in Hopewell Township. During her time at Hopewell Valley Central High School, Cassidy was actively involved in sports, notably as a member of the girls’ track team. Upon graduating from high school in 2015, she pursued higher education at Christopher Newport University in Virginia. In 2019, Cassidy successfully obtained her bachelor’s degree in political science from Christopher Newport University, marking a significant milestone in her academic journey.

Cassidy Hutchinson Family

Cassidy Hutchinson Family

Cassidy Hutchinson comes from a strong family background, with her father, Richard Hutchinson, holding a prominent position in a respected business in New Jersey. Her mother, Angela Hutchinson, devoted her time to nurturing their family as a stay-at-home mom, creating a supportive environment for Cassidy and her brother, Jack Hutchinson. Growing up in such a household, Cassidy was surrounded by the values of hard work, commitment, and family unity. Her father’s business acumen and her mother’s dedication to their home life complemented each other, providing Cassidy with a well-rounded upbringing. Having a brother like Jack added to the richness of her childhood, fostering tight family bonds that continue to influence Cassidy’s perspective and approach to life.

Family MemberOccupation
FatherRichard Hutchinson (Business in New Jersey)
MotherAngela Hutchinson (Stay-at-home mother)
BrotherJack Hutchinson

Physical Appearance Of Cassidy Hutchinson

Physical Appearance Of Cassidy Hutchinson
Height5’7″ (1.70 m)
Weight54 kg (119 lbs)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Blonde

Standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches, with a weight of around 54 kilograms, this person has a graceful and well-proportioned physique. Their captivating dark brown eyes perfectly complement their dark blonde hair, adding to their charismatic presence. Whether it’s their height, weight, eye color, or hair color, each feature enhances their natural charm and confidence, making them stand out in any crowd. Their striking appearance leaves a lasting impression wherever they go, earning them attention and admiration from those around them.

Cassidy Hutchinson Career

Cassidy Hutchinson Career

She began her career as an assistant to the renowned Mark Meadows, who served as a key figure in the Trump administration. However, following Trump’s departure, she transitioned out of that role. Her tenure in the White House and involvement in Republican politics came to a halt. During the years from 2015 to 2018, she pursued her education at Christopher Newport University in Virginia. In the summer of 2018, she seized an opportunity to intern at the White House. Additionally, reports indicate that she gained valuable experience through internships with Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Steve Scalise. As the first member of her family to attend college, Cassidy Hutchinson expressed her aspirations for making meaningful contributions to her community, as highlighted in her university’s newspaper.

Cassidy Hutchinson Personal Life 

Public information regarding Cassidy Hutchinson’s marital status is unavailable, suggesting that she is currently unmarried and prioritizing her career. Despite her youth, Cassidy has gained recognition for her significant role as an aide to the White House Chief of Staff during the Trump administration. She has offered valuable insights into pivotal events, including the January 6 Capitol riots, through her testimony. However, Cassidy opts to keep her personal life discreet and away from the media’s attention. At this stage of her life, her primary focus remains on her successful career in politics and administration.

Facts About Cassidy Hutchinson 

Facts About Cassidy Hutchinson 
  • Graduated from Hopewell Valley Central High School in 2015.
  • Earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Christopher Newport University in 2019.
  • Started career as an intern for Senator Ted Cruz in 2016 and Congressman Steve Scalise in 2017.
  • Worked in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs from 2019 to 2020.
  • Served as executive assistant to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.
  • Testified before the January 6 committee regarding Trump’s knowledge of armed protesters.


Q. When and where was Cassidy Hutchinson born?

Cassidy Hutchinson was born on December 12, 1996, in Mercer County, New Jersey.

Q. What is Cassidy Hutchinson’s educational background?

She graduated from Hopewell Valley Central High School in 2015 and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Christopher Newport University in 2019.

Q. What positions did Cassidy Hutchinson hold during her career in politics?

Cassidy began her political career as an intern for Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Steve Scalise. Later, she worked in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs and served as an executive assistant to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Q. What is Cassidy Hutchinson’s net worth?

Cassidy Hutchinson’s estimated net worth is $3 million as of 2023, primarily earned from her career in American politics.


In reflecting on Cassidy Hutchinson’s journey, from her roots in Mercer County, New Jersey, to her influential position in American politics, it becomes evident that her path has been marked by ambition, dedication, and resilience. Despite encountering obstacles along the way, she has achieved remarkable success, both academically and professionally. From her early internships to her pivotal roles in the White House, Cassidy has consistently demonstrated her unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact in the political arena. While her financial success is reflected in her net worth, it is her integrity, strong work ethic, and dedication to public service that truly define her legacy. As she continues to navigate her career and contribute to the political landscape, Cassidy Hutchinson remains an inspiring figure, motivating others with her perseverance and determination.

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