Tyler Roby Pippen: Know All  About Scottie Pippen’

Tyler Roby Pippen, a noteworthy individual in American history, became known as the second twin daughter of the legendary American basketball player, Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr. Regrettably, Tyler’s journey was brief, spanning only nine days after her birth.

Initially, there existed uncertainty regarding Pippen Sr.’s acknowledgment of paternity for the twin daughters born to his then-girlfriend, Sonya Roby. The truth eventually unraveled through a DNA test, compelling Pippen Sr. to embrace his parental responsibilities. Sadly, Tyler’s time on this earth was fleeting, leaving behind a poignant narrative surrounding her birth and untimely departure.

Meet Tyler Roby Pippen 

Tyler Roby Pippen, born alongside her twin sister Taylor Robby Pippen on July 20, 1994, at Mercy Hospital in Chicago, shared a poignant chapter in the story of Scottie Maurice Pippen Sr. and his former girlfriend, Sonya Roby. The initial celebration of their arrival turned into heartbreak just nine days later when the younger twin, Tyler, was tragically declared deceased in the hospital.

Quick Facts  Of Tyler Pippen

Full NameTyler Roby Pippen
Date of BirthJuly 20, 1994
Age9 days old
Zodiac SignCancer
Marital StatusSingle
ParentsScotty Maurice Pippen Sr. and Sonya Roby
SiblingsAntron Pippen, Scotty Pippen Jr., Sophia Pippen, Justin Pippen, Preston Pippen, Sierra Pippen
Famous ForBeing the daughter of Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr.

Scottie Pippen’s Daughter Cause Of Death

Scottie Pippen’s Daughter Cause Of Death

Taylor, the second eldest among the seven siblings, entered the world on a memorable July 20, 1994, accompanied by the arrival of her twin sister, Tyler, marking the beginning of a shared journey.

However, the family faced profound tragedy when Tyler’s time with them was cut short, just nine days after their joint arrival into the world. This loss cast a shadow over what should have been a time of celebration and joy.

Initially, a tumultuous period ensued involving a dispute over paternity between Scottie Maurice Pippen and his ex-girlfriend, Sonya Roby, specifically concerning the twin girls. This period of uncertainty found resolution through a DNA test, unequivocally establishing Pippen as the father. In the aftermath of this revelation, Pippen shouldered the financial responsibilities, agreeing to cover outstanding medical bills and extending support through insurance.

Despite these agreements, the custody of the children remained with Sonya Roby. The family then had to navigate a complex emotional landscape, balancing moments of joy with the enduring sorrow stemming from the memory of Tyler, forever etched in their hearts.

How Old Was Tyler When She Passed Away?

How Old Was Tyler When She Passed Away?

Tyler passed away on July 29, 1994, at just 9 days old, evoking a profound sense of sorrow among NBA star Scottie Pippen’s supporters. Strikingly, neither Scottie nor the twins’ mother has openly discussed the circumstances or disclosed the reason behind Tyler’s untimely departure.

Despite the heart-wrenching nature of Tyler’s passing, it notably didn’t impact her father’s public persona, given that he had not acknowledged her existence publicly while she was alive. In the aftermath of this tragedy, Sonya, the twins’ mother, focused on raising Taylor, her surviving child. Taylor, judging by her notable accomplishments, has demonstrated remarkable resilience and success.

Scottie Pippen Initially Denied Being The Father Of The Twins

Amid the twins’ birth, the NBA star initially distanced himself, initiating a paternity suit. The turning point came with a DNA test on October 29, 1994, confirming his biological link to the twins. Post this revelation, Scottie Pippen assumed responsibility for the surviving twin, pledging to cover $15,000 in outstanding medical bills and ensuring NBA-backed insurance for Taylor.

Despite these financial commitments, full custody of Taylor remained with Sonya Roby. Reflecting on the situation in later years, Taylor shared that Scottie made efforts to negotiate visitation rights but wasn’t actively involved in her life.

Twin Sister  Of Tyler Robby Pippen

Twin Sister  Of Tyler Robby Pippen

Tyler Roby Pippen’s twin is Taylor Pippen, a well-known American volleyball player and senior middle hitter, celebrated not only for her athletic prowess but also as a social media influencer. Born on July 20, 1994, she is currently 29 years old.

Despite Scottie Pippen’s limited involvement in her life, Taylor has embraced her father’s athletic legacy and forged a successful career as an American athlete, emerging as a prominent figure in the world of volleyball.

Taylor’s passion for sports ignited during her high school days at Carmel Catholic High in Illinois, and she continued to pursue it at Southern Illinois University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Leveraging her certification, Taylor secured a position as the Assistant Vice President at Wintrust Commercial Bank in Chicago.

Before entering the banking industry, Taylor played professional volleyball in Spain, notably with Figaro Peluqueros Haris. Her achievements include being named an All-MVC Scholar first-team selection and earning MVC Scholar-Athlete honors, showcasing her prowess both on and off the court.

Tyler Roby Pippen  Father: Scottie Pippen

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Scottie Pippen, a towering figure in American basketball history, carved out an illustrious 17-season career in the National Basketball Association (NBA), leaving an enduring impact on the sport. His remarkable journey included clinching six NBA titles with the legendary Chicago Bulls, solidifying his stature as one of the greatest small forwards in basketball history.

Pippen’s synergy with Michael Jordan during the 1990s not only propelled the Bulls to championship glory but also played a pivotal role in popularizing the NBA globally. Renowned for his extraordinary skills, Pippen earned numerous accolades, boasting eight consecutive selections for the NBA All-Defensive First Team and three appearances on the All-NBA First Team.

The pinnacle of his influence on the game was marked by the retirement of his Chicago Bulls jersey, a distinction bestowed upon him as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History during the 1996–97 season. Alongside basketball luminaries like Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, and Michael Jordan, Pippen remains a central figure in the storied legacy of the Chicago Bulls, especially as a vital member of the championship teams in 1992 and 1996, widely recognized as among the top ten NBA teams of all time.

Siblings Of Tyler Roby Pippen

Beyond Taylor, Tyler Roby Pippen is linked to six more half-siblings, creating a rich tapestry of family connections stemming from her father’s relationships with three other women. This extended family is a mosaic of diverse individuals, each half-sibling possessing a unique bond with Scottie Pippen. The complex and interwoven relationships within this extended family showcase the intricate threads that form a collective portrait, all united through their shared parentage with the iconic NBA star.

  • Antron Pippen
  • Scotty Pippen Jr.
  • Sophia Pippen
  • Justin Pippen
  • Preston Pippen
  • Sierra Pippen

Antron Pippen

Antron Pippen

Antron, the firstborn son of Scottie Pippen from his initial marriage to Karen McCollum, shared a profound love for basketball, aspiring to follow in his father’s footsteps and carve out a career in the sport. Despite showing tremendous potential as an up-and-coming star, tragically, his NBA dreams remained unfulfilled. In April 2021, Scottie Pippen conveyed the heartbreaking news of Antron’s battle with chronic asthma, which ultimately led to his untimely passing. Antron bid farewell at the tender age of 33, concluding the poignant journey of a young athlete.

Scotty Pippen Jr.

Scotty Pippen Jr.

Scotty Pippen Jr., the eldest son of Scottie Pippen and his second wife, Larsa Younan, graced the world with his presence on November 10, 2000, and has since reached the age of 23. Carrying on the family tradition, Scotty has enthusiastically embraced a career in basketball, quickly establishing his own identity in the sport. Recently, he captured the spotlight with his noteworthy participation in the NBA Summer League with the Lakers. His basketball journey unfolds as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Pippen family in the realm of basketball.

Sophia Pippen

Sophia Pippen

Sophia Pippen, born on December 26, 2008, to Scottie Pippen and his ex-wife Larsa, has reached the age of 15, stepping into her unique journey distinct from her older siblings. Breaking away from the basketball-centric narrative of her family, Sophia has chosen a path in the entertainment industry, emerging as a captivating dancer.

Recently, she showcased her exceptional talent in the junior category of Dancing With the Stars, securing an impressive ninth place and leaving a lasting impression throughout the competition. Sophia’s endeavors highlight her individuality and creative expression, carving out her own identity beyond the formidable shadow of her father’s basketball legacy.

Justin Pippen

Justin Pippen

Justin Pippen, born on July 11, 2005, in California, stands as the third son of Scottie and Larsa. Currently enrolled at Sierra Canyon High School, Justin actively engages in basketball and has also explored the realm of modeling. In 2016, he participated in the True Faces of the World campaign, contributing to the portrayal of diversity among kids from different backgrounds, alongside his sister, Sophia.

Apart from his pursuits, Justin shares a profound connection with his renowned father. On Father’s Day in 2019, he expressed his love and gratitude on Instagram, sharing nostalgic photos and honoring his father as the best in the world.

Beyond his role with the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers, Justin has extended his basketball journey to the Amateur Athletic Union with the Stockton Soldiers. Scottie, a supportive father, is frequently seen courtside, passionately cheering on his son during numerous games.

Preston Pippen

Preston Pippen

Preston Pippen, the second child of Scottie and Larsa, was welcomed into the world on August 26, 2002, in Portland, Oregon. Honoring his late grandfather, Scottie’s father, Preston embraced the family tradition by enrolling at Sierra Canyon High School, actively participating in basketball. In May 2021, he achieved a significant milestone—graduating from high school. The heartfelt moment was shared with his father, Scottie, and captured for the world to see on Instagram.

While Preston generally maintains a low profile, especially after his high school graduation, he occasionally provides glimpses into his life on TikTok. His TikTok adventures feature lively dance moments with famous friends like Shareef and Shaqir, the sons of Shaquille O’Neal, and LeBron Jr., the son of LeBron James. On Instagram, he portrays the joy of spending quality time with his siblings, offering a glimpse into the down-to-earth aspects of his life beyond the spotlight.

Sierra Pippen

Sierra Pippen

Sierra Pippen, recognized as an American model and media personality, rose to prominence as the elder daughter of Scottie Pippen and his ex-partner, Yvette DeLeone. Born on February 17, 1995, she is currently 29 years old.

In a narrative reminiscent of Tyler and Taylor’s story, Scottie initially contested paternity. It wasn’t until Yvette pursued legal action, conclusively establishing Scottie’s biological connection to Sierra. Following this revelation, Scottie played a role in the lives of both the mother and child for a period before eventually distancing himself from their shared journey.

People Also Ask 

Q. What led to Tyler Roby Pippen’s tragic passing?

The reason for the heartbreaking demise of Tyler Roby Pippen at just 9 days old remains undisclosed to the public.

Q. Why did Scottie Pippen initially contest paternity of the twins?

Scottie Pippen’s initial denial of paternity sparked a dispute with Sonya Roby. However, clarity emerged through a subsequent DNA test, confirming his biological ties to the twins.

Q. Beyond volleyball, what career pursuits does Taylor Pippen embrace?

Taylor Pippen’s journey extends beyond volleyball; professionally playing in Spain, she also holds a degree in Accounting. Currently, she contributes as the Assistant Vice President at Wintrust Commercial Bank in Chicago.

Q. How large is Scottie Pippen’s family?

Scottie Pippen is a father to eight children: Antron, Taylor, Tyler, Sierra, Justin, Sophia, Preston, and Scotty Jr., each contributing to the rich tapestry of the Pippen family story.


Tyler Roby Pippen’s story is a tapestry woven with threads of joy, sorrow, and the intricate dance of family dynamics. As the daughter of NBA legend Scottie Pippen, her fleeting presence on this earth left an indelible mark on the Pippen family. The journey is one filled with paternity disputes, legal battles, and the resilient spirit of a family navigating through both triumphs and heartaches.

Scottie Pippen’s legacy, extending beyond the confines of the basketball court, intertwines with the unique stories of each child, each crafting their individual journey. The tale of the Pippen family unfolds as a testament to the complexities of fame, the enduring strength of familial ties, and the diverse paths each family member takes under the influence of the iconic NBA star. As the family continues to evolve, the memory of Tyler Roby Pippen remains etched in the hearts and recollections of those who shared a part of her journey, creating a poignant chapter in the expansive saga of the Pippen family.

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