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Jesse Antler, known for his association with acclaimed Canadian actress Michelle Mylett, garnered attention during their high-profile romance in the late 2010s. Despite not being a public figure in his own right, Jesse’s name became synonymous with the popular TV show “Letterkenny” due to his relationship with Mylett. This article delves into Jesse Antler’s life, career, and current endeavors, shedding light on the enigmatic figure beyond the media’s gaze.

Jesse Antler Biography 

Jesse Antler rose to fame through his connection with Canadian actress Michelle Mylett. Jesse’s birthday, parents, and siblings are unknown for this reason. Still, we know Jesse was born to Canadian white parents in Canada.Jesse rarely discusses his parents. However, his Facebook profile shows a childhood photo of him with his father. Jesse did not comment on the post, so it’s unclear if the man is his father. View the image.Jesse’s birth year is unknown. In 2018, Jesse’s ex-girlfriend Mylett wished him a happy birthday. Her post states that Jesse was born on October 26, but his age and birth year are unknown.

Jesse’s birth year is unknown. In 2018, Jesse’s ex-girlfriend Mylett wished him a happy birthday. Her post states that Jesse was born on October 26, but his age and birth year are unknown.

Jesse Antler And Michelle Mylett’s Relationship

Jesse Antler and Michelle Mylett broke up after a long relationship. Although Antler and Mylett were open about their love lives until they were together, their social media profiles don’t show much proof of their relationship.

When they met and started dating is unknown. However, their social media activity suggests Antler and Mylett began dating in September 2017.In the past, the ex-couple showed their love on social media. After their split, they rarely post.

In June 2018, Jesse and his then-girlfriend vacationed in Ukraine. Michelle posted old couple images on Instagram and Facebook.

Jesse is shown sitting in front of a Kyiv restaurant in one of her Facebook postings. Antler answered a fan’s question in the comments that they were returning to Canada from their romantic holiday in mid-July 2018. Unfortunately, their relationship subsequently is unknown. However, some web sites say Jesse and Michelle lived together before splitting up.

Does Jesse and Michelle: Still Dating?

The status of Jesse Antler’s partnerships is unknown. He’s always preferred a peaceful existence, so it’s unknown what he’s doing since parting from Mylett.

Although Jesse has avoided the spotlight, his connection with Bad Blood actress Michelle Mylett appears to have had no impact on his personal life.

His relationship with Michelle Mylett didn’t go as planned because of that. When they split is unknown. However, they may have started dating in 2017 and split in 2018.

Famous actress Jesse’s ex-girlfriend

Jesse’s ex-partner, Michelle Mylett, is well known for playing Katy in Letterkenny. Beginning in 2016, she works on the series. 

Mylett grew up in Ladysmith, Vancouver, BC. Born January 4, 1989, Robyn Michelle Mylett is 34 in 2023.

The 2013 film Antisocial was Michelle’s first professional role. She then appeared in The Drownsman and She Stoops to Conquer.

After working on Letterkenny in 2016, she garnered greater recognition. Her performance garnered her a 2020 Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series.

His Ex-Girlfriend Michelle Mylett’s Plastic Surgery Rumor

Jesse Antler’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Mylett is an actress. Many like her as Katy. She is beautiful and acts. Fame includes media rumors about you. Mylett was accused of knife-changing her face.

Some mocked her for having plastic surgery without proof. Eventually, the rumor died. She didn’t allow the trolls get to her or try to amuse them.

Current Ventures and Initiatives:

Jesse Antler has worked on many projects outside of production and acting. His work includes web shows like “Crave” and the upcoming Canadian production “The Five Vamps.” He shares his artistic journey on “Jesse Antler,” his YouTube channel.

Career Trajectory:

Jesse Antler is a Canadian actor, producer, and entrepreneur. He and his longterm partner Robyn Michelle Mylett formed No Apologies Pictures. Most notably, the business created the 2018 global hit TV series “Letterkenny”. Besides television, No Apologies Pictures made the well-received 2020 film “A House Divided.”

Other Projects Involving Jesse Antler

Since his breakthrough in acting and producing, Jesse Antler has worked on many more projects.

He was in Man Seeking Woman (2015), One Tree Hill (2011), and Supernatural (2004). He appeared in the 2020 short film A House Divided, which was lauded for its original story and fascinating performances.

Jesse worked in several web programs, including Crave, a Canadian production. He is filming The Five Vamps, another Canadian show, for release later this year.  In addition to these ventures, Jesse manages the YouTube channel “Jesse Antler” to exhibit his acting and producing.

Antler Is A Pet Lover

Since his acting and producing success, Jesse Antler has worked on many more projects.

His films include Man Seeking Woman (2015), One Tree Hill (2011), and Supernatural (2004). He starred in the 2020 short film A House Divided, praised for its unique tale and captivating performances.

Jesse worked in Canadian web series Crave. Another Canadian show, The Five Vamps, is being filmed for distribution later this year.  Additionally, Jesse runs the YouTube channel “Jesse Antler” to showcase his acting and producing.

Social Media Presence

Jesse prefers solitude. So his social media activity is unknown. He may have deleted his social media account after posting photos with his ex-girlfriend Mylett.

Supporters claim he did this to remove himself from Mylett because he has always lived a media-free existence. Instagram gives media more content to spin.

He may have deserted social media or created a new account so only his loved ones can locate him.

However, Mylett uses Twitter and Instagram (@MichelleMylett). She updates both networks frequently, using Twitter for professional information and Instagram for fan interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. When is Jesse Antler’s birthday?

In 2018, Michelle Mylett’s birthday wish stated that Jesse Antler was born on October 26.

Q. How old is Jesse Antler?

The article does not reveal Jesse Antler’s birth year.

Q. Jesse Antler’s ex-girlfriend?

Canadian actress Michelle Mylett played “Letterkenny.” Jesse Antler’s ex-girlfriend.

Q. When did Jesse Antler and Michelle Mylett split?

The article states that they started dating in 2017 and broke up in 2018.

Q. What is Michelle Mylett’s acting specialty?

Since 2016, Michelle Mylett has played Katy in the Canadian comedy “Letterkenny,” which is her most famous role.

Q. Does Jesse Antler still use social media?

The story speculates that Jesse Antler removed his social media accounts.

Q. What projects is Jesse Antler working on?

The Canadian production “The Five Vamps” is starring Jesse Antler, who has a YouTube channel called “Jesse Antler,” where he recounts his artistic journey.

Q. No Apologies Pictures created what TV series?

Jesse Antler co-founded No Apologies Pictures, which produced the 2018 TV series “Letterkenny” with great success.


Jesse Antler became famous through his connection with Michelle Mylett. His early life and birth year are unknown, however the article discusses his relationship with Mylett, their former work, and his current ones. The successful production firm No Apologies Pictures was co-founded by Jesse, an actor, producer, and entrepreneur. After his high-profile romance ended, Jesse continues to work in entertainment with “The Five Vamps” and his YouTube channel. He rarely posts on social media, leaving followers curious about his current projects and personal life.

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